Effective forex trading strategies to earn profit

Effective forex trading strategies to earn profit

New to forex trading and looking for some easy but successful trading methods? You are in the right place.

In the quick guide, we will describe simple forex trading techniques or strategies. Each one is easy to understand and perfect for any person who is building up their expertise.

By taking the time to master these principals, you will be capable of making easy trades with confidence. Better yet, you set yourself up to try more advanced trading methods down the line.

Best Forex trading strategies

Pick a strategy that matches your particular situation, including your personality type, available time and risk tolerance. They are covered below based on the typical time involved, ranging from little to long term.


Scalping is a very little-term technique that involves taking multiple little profits on trading positions with a very little duration. Scalpers need ultra fast reaction times because they generally exit and enter trades in just seconds or minutes. This is very quick paced and a rather stressful activity that may not match every person.

Scalpers also closely check price charts for patterns that can help them guess future exchange rate movements. Scalpers generally perform well using a broker with tight spreads, fast guaranteed order executions and minimum or zero order slippage.

Day trading

Day trading is another little-term trading method that is followed only during a particular trading session. Day traders usually do not take overnight positions, so they close out all trades each day. This helps decrease exposure to market movements when the trader is inattentive to the market.

Most day traders use trading plans based on technical analysis that present intraday price action. Many day trading techniques exist, but a famous one, is known as breakout trading. Traders get triggered when the exchange rate moves higher on the chart for a currency pair and are confirmed when they go with an increase in volume.

Trend trading

Trend trading is another famous and general forex trading technique. It is also simple for beginners to know and follow.

The method involves identifying a downward or upward trend in a currency price movement and then picking trade exit and entry points. These points are based on the positioning of the currency’s price within the trend, as well as the trends relative strength.

Trend traders use lots of different tools to evaluate trends, such as relative strength, moving averages, directional indices, volume measurements, and stochastics.

Fundamental analysis

In fundamental analysis, traders look at the country economic principals to try to understand whether a currency is overvalued or undervalued. They also use the information to try to get a view on how its value is likely to move relative to another currency in future.

Fundamental analysis can be hard, involving the many elements of a country’s economic data that can point out future trade and investment trends. It can be simplified by focusing on a few big indicators.

Some of the most vital factors that can affect a country’s economy – and its currency – include: GDP, retail sales, CPI, inflation, industrial production, purchasing managers index data, housing data and more.

Range trading

Range trending is based on the idea of resistance and support. On a price action graph, resistance and support levels can be identified as the lowest and highest point that price reaches before reversing in the opposite way. Together, these resistance and support levels make a bracketed trading range.

In a trending market, price will continue to break previous resistance levels, making a stair-like resistance and support pattern. In a ranging market, anyway, price moves in a sideways pattern and remains bracketed between resistance thresholds and established support.

When price gets to the overbought level, traders anticipate a reversal in the opposite way and sell. Similarly, when price gets to the oversold level, it is considered a buy signal. Finally, if price breaks via this established range, it may be a signal that the latest trend is about to take shape.

Momentum or swing trading

Swing trading, sometimes also called momentum trading, consists of a medium-term trading technique that aims to grip more market moves. Swing traders do this by trading both with big trends and also against them when the market is correcting, so they should be willing to grip overnight positions.

Swing traders tend to focus on existing and entertaining positions based on momentum indicators that provide sell and buy signals. Traders use them to find oversold or overbought markets they can buy or sell.

Some generally used momentum indicators that contain the moving Average Convergence Divergence histogram and the relative strength index.

Picking the right trading strategy

Picking the right trading strategy is not about selecting the best, there is no such thing. They can all work well under the best situations. It is more about developing a trading style that top meets your personal style, risk tolerance, level of discipline, and the amount of time you are capable of committing to trading.

But even then, the top traders may use multiple trading techniques or adopt different ones depending on the market situations at play. For that reason, it is a best idea to familarise yourself with all the different trading techniques so you can switch between styles whenever necessary, adapting to conditions instead of strictly sticking to use on specific techniques.

forex trading strategies


What are the best forex trading tips?

Regardless of in which market you plan to trade, the online broker you pick is very vital to your success. The broker you pick should be well-regulated.

Put together a trading plan that lays out a right position sizing technique and clear risk parameters.  You can devise a trading plan and practice using it in a demo account. If you prefer to use someone else’s plan and copy trades, then you will need to register an account with a broker that includes a social trading platform.

What are some forex trading strategies?

The most famous include day trading, scalping, and position trading.

What are some forex trading mistakes?

The most important are the lack of ample capital and over-leveraging with margin.

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